Word Gold Panning Championship 2018, Hodruša-Hámre, Slovakia

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World Gold Panning Championship 2018
6. - 11. 8. 2018, Hodruša-Hámre, Slovakia

Rozália Mine
The legend says: Once upon a time a sheppard was feeding sheep on the pasture, when he suddenly noticed two lizards on a big rock. One lizard was covered in gold and the other one in silver dust. When he came doser, they had hidden themselves under the rock. When the sheppard managed to move the rock he found nuggetsof gold and silver.

The ore veins with precious metals - gold and silver in Štiavnické Vrchy Mts. were discovered and mined since Celtic times 300 years BC and Slavic tribes probably continued, but no written records were preserved from these days. The oldest written records about gold and silver mining come from 12th and 13th century. Since then the mining is carried out continuosly till recent times.

Rozalia Mine in Hodruša-Hámre is now the only metal mine in Slovakia and the only mine in Central Europe with the economy based on gold.

A recent history of gold panning competitions in former Czechoslovakia has started in 1979. Czechoslovakia gold panning championships were held annualy till 1992 by Czechoslovakia goldpanning association. Since 1993, when Czechoslovakia split to Czech and Slovak Republic, the Championships of Slovakia and Czech Republic are held every year in Slovakia and Czech Republic onrotatingbasis.

Slovak Goldpanning Association (SGA) was formed after split of former Czechoslovakia in 1993. SGA organized in 1998 European Gold Panning Championship in Hodruša-Hámre and World Gold Panning Championship in Revišťské Podzámčie by Hron river. During WGC 2015 in Spain SGA earned the right to organize WGC in 2018. This event will be held in sport-recreational complex Salamandra Resort, next to Rozalia gold mine in Hodruša-Hámre on August 6 - August 11, 2018.
Historical center Banská Hodruša

Accomodation in

Bed accommondation
- Salamandra Resort Hotel ****,  on the WGPC site, www.salamandra.sk
- DARO Hotel ***,  8 km  from WGPC site, www.hoteldaro.sk
- Banský dom guesthouse***, 3 km from WGPC site, www.banskydom.sk
- Hostel Zlatý stôl**, 8 km from WGPC site, www.zlatystol.sk
- Weisov dom appartments, 3 km from WGPC site, www.weissovdom.sk
- Hodruša cabin, 1 km from WGPC site, www.chatahodrusa.sk
- Trajdalka cabin, 2 km from WGPC site, www.zrub-hodrusa.sk
- Gatterhof cabin, 5 km from WGPC site, www.ubytovanienaslovensku.eu/gatterhof

Camping sites
- Caravans: Permanent camp site at Zipser shaft next to Lower Hodruša Lake, 1.5km from WGC site. Facilities: toilettes, bathrooms, electric power. Booking required till June, 30, 2018. www.kemphodrusa.sk
- Scout two-bed tents with wooden platform (max. 30 persons) in scout camp at Ciblikova meadow, 0.5km from WGC site, contact: www.stiavnica.sk
- Temporary campsite at Ciblikova meadow, scout camp. Accomodation in own tents 0.5km from WGC site. No booking required.
- Temporary caravan parking during WGC, non powered site, nearby Salamandra Resort Hotel, 0.3km from WGC site

Banská Hodruša
Banská Štiavnica
Exposition at Old All Saints Mine (Baňa Starovšechsvätých)
Place to visit

Banská Štiavnica and surroundigs (UNESCO site)
- Slovak Mining Museumexpositions
- Svätý Anton manor house
- Historical town centre
- Botanical garden
- Historical mining lakes - possibilty to swim

Hodruša-Hámre and surroundings (UNESCO site)
- Old All Saints Mine (Baňa Starovšechsvätých) in Hodruša- Hámre - open air mining museum and exposition of mining history, geology and gold panning, www.hodrusskehlbiny.sk
- Educational miningtrail in Banská Hodruša


Slovenská asociácia zlatokopov
966 61, Hodruša-Hámre

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